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Executive coaching is essentially “self- directed learning”. This developmental intervention is a collaborative and pragmatic approach between the coach and the coachee. It takes account of the coachee’s need to unleash his hidden / inherent potential to achieve personal and professional goals.

The coach provides support and motivates the coachee to uncover his inner resources by raising awareness of self, thereby eliminating self-limiting belief. The insights evolved during this process help coachees identify development needs and augment personal problem-solving.

The coach resists urge to offer solution instead provides feedback which is authentic, specific and deserved.

The coach allows a safe space to the coachee to stretch himself and discuss issues freely with him. It is essential for the coachee to accept ownership and responsibility for his actions to make this intervention a success.


Coachees who undergo executive coaching program may expect the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced self-awareness and understanding
  • Adapting new learning styles
  • Focus on goal and action
  • Increased productivity
  • Growth of leadership skills


The coaching engagement consists of having one to one interactive sessions with identified participants with an agreed upon time schedule, which may also include occasional telephonic interactions for clarifications and guidance. This is based on the following principle:

  • Understand coachee need and expectations
  • Conduct interview, feedback surveys, questionnaires, exercises, self-assessment and multi source feedback, as applicable.
  • Conduct mapping to explore and understand the participants’ life history and perspectives by using skills of listening, questioning, clarifying, reflecting and using intuition.
  • Facilitate creating of an action plan and implementation
  • Evaluation, feedback and closure of the process

Types of Coaching intervention

  • Leadership Coaching: Enables enhanced leadership skills
  • Life coaching: Enables a changed approach towards personal and professional life
  • Team Coaching: Enables the team to stay on track and motivated to reach their common goal
  • Group Coaching: Empowers each member of the group to contribute by creating a climate of trust and confidentiality for all
  • Career Coaching: Empowers and educates to take charge of your career and achieve the success

Communication with Coachee

  • Face-to-face interaction across the table
  • One-to-one interaction over telephone with coachee in India and abroad


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